Freeware Library

Kerkia's selection of the best freeware tools out there follows those key principles:

* Only the best few tools, just one in many area, are selected in the library
* Selected tools must be freeware which notably excludes demo versions
* Ease-of-use and look-and-feel are key criteria in our product selections

Office Applications

All tools that relate to editing, managing, organizing documents and work items.

System and Desktop

System utilities, security applications, desktop enhancers, productivity boosters, etc.

Education and Games

Board games, actions games, educational software, parental control, etc.

Software Programming

Tools, librairies and components for application programmnig and web design.

Internet Tools

Web browsers, email clients, instant messengers, networking, data sharing and synchronization, etc.

Multimedia and Entertainment

Utilities and tools that deal with multimedia material such as images, videos, music.

Cloudware and Webware

Cloud applications and web-based software, typically for data synchronization and management.

Smart Phone Applications

iPhone apps, Android applications and even a few Windows Mobile software tools.

Links, Tips and Tricks

Links to some of our favorite web sites, tips and tricks we'd like to share.